iunie 29, 2021
FISA HT-024 32A IP44 3P+E 400V cod: 37024
iulie 29, 2021
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FISA HT-014 16A IP44 3P+E 400V cod: 37014

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  • Made of special high quality plastic with alloys against aging at sun light exposing
    and for increasing the mechanical strength. They provide reliable connection and high
    level of protection against electrical current. Also, they provide IP protection not less
    than IP44/67. They are designed for surface or flish mounting, movable or fixed type.
  • Technical characteristics:
    – Rated voltage: 500V
    – Rated short circuit current: according to the mounted protection in the boards
    – Surge voltage wear resistance: 8kV
    – Mechanical wear resistance: 3000 cycles
    – IP code: IP44/67
    – Plastic: UV rays wear resistance
    – Ambient temperature: -5° to +65°С
    – Altitude: up to 2000m
    – Plugs and sockets: 6h
  • Applications:
    – Industrial buildings
    – Electrical boards
    – Generators
    – Electrical motors
  • Standards: EN60309-1; EN60309-2


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